A marriage proposal at a luxury picnic in the Blue Mountains


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The spot was amazing! Team made this effortless and created an incredible opportunity to propose to my future wife. From the first initial conversation, to the location and messages leading up, it made it a perfect and flawless experience. Thank you!

- Jackson Barnes
Marriage proposal at a luxury picnic in the Blue Mountains


Not only will you never forget this huge milestone in your life, you’ll also have professional photography of the actual moment to remember it by! These are truly priceless images that you’ll be sure to show your grandkids one day

Couple hugging after a marriage proposal in the Blue Mountains


There will be tears, hugs and kisses as your partner is amazed at how you pulled everything off. Our beautiful location and picnic setup will leave your partner stunned at a proposal that exceeds all their expectations

Couple celebrating their marriage proposal in the Blue Mountains


You can rely on us to create the perfect proposal while you get all the brownie points! We’ve helped hundreds of couples and take care of everything so you just need to turn up and pop the question allowing you to truly enjoy the experience.


We do regular giveaways which you can get 10 entries into by simply organising a FREE Proposal Planning Consultation valued at $150. Regardless if you decide to pop the question with us or not, we’d love to get to know you and give you some great advice to help you plan your partners dream proposal

The owners of Blue Mountains Picnics with a view of the Blue Mountains
The owners of Blue Mountains Picnics with a view of the Blue Mountains
The owners of Blue Mountains Picnics with a view of the Blue Mountains


We’re a young local couple who are lucky to call the Blue Mountains home and feel privileged to be able to create special moments for all of our wonderful clients. We love getting outdoors and enjoying nature in our own backyard whether that be bushwalking, checking out cool lookouts, kayaking or 4wding. We also like food and wine too!

We created Blue Mountains Picnics in August 2020 as we thought it would be an exciting business to put together combining a lot of our passions. We wanted to give anyone the opportunity to experience the Blue Mountains through the lens of a local by finding stunning spots that aren’t over crowded so you can really connect with nature and those you love. We’ve put a lot of thought and time into every detail of our picnics which showcase everything the Blue Mountains has to offer from the beautiful views, diverse wildlife and delicious food.

It really warms our hearts to see the look on our clients faces when they stumble across our picnics with our personal favourites being our weddings and proposals. Our business is always so positive and it is such a nice thing to be able to help people with.

By taking part in one of our experiences, you are supporting a small business with each and every client meaning a lot to us. We’re the sole owners of the business and we’ve put in a lot of hard work, risk and investment of our own hard earned money to get established. It is also very important to us to support other local businesses whether that be our in-house celebrants and photographers, our team who helps us setup and deliver the picnics, our suppliers and more. We want to showcase and help as many local businesses and families as possible.

We’d love to welcome you to the Blue Mountains so we can have the pleasure of creating a memorable experience for you and your loved ones

- Kyle & Emily



Once you book your proposal, we provide regular correspondence and help make everything as easy as possible. We also give you a call so we can have a quick chat if we haven’t spoken prior.  We look after everything so all you need to do is select your food and drinks. We also provide the location in advance and suggest checking out the spot before the day just to make sure you know exactly where you’re going. It is easy to find the location but we do find some people have trouble if they get a bit nervous so eliminating that variable on the day is a good idea but if you can’t make it to the location prior we can chat to you on the phone to ensure you know exactly where it is. If you want any local recommendations for accommodation, restaurants, walks, activities or similar just let us know.

Our professional photographer also gives you a call in the week leading up to your picnic to introduce themselves while also explaining the ins and outs of where to stand when popping the question so they can get a great shot and capture the moment. If you would like to speak to our photographer any earlier you can but we suggest waiting until the week leading up so it is all fresh in your mind. We also give you a final call before the day to make sure you’re all sorted.

After our last phone call, no news is good news as we try not to communicate with you to potentially give anything away if you’re with your partner. If you don’t hear from us assume everything is setup and good to go. We leave ahead of time so you can arrive with no one else around and surprise your partner. Our photographer will be hidden out of view and you wouldn’t even know they are there. We suggest popping the question as soon as you arrive to avoid nervously waiting for the right moment.


Our photographer will pop up and capture the moment and give you some time before staging a few photos including close ups of the ring. The photographer then leaves so you can enjoy your picnic like normal. We then get at least 5 photos to you typically before the end of the picnic so instead of simply sharing the news with friends and family you can also send them photos of the actual moment. We then greet you at the end of the picnic, you can take any food or drinks home with you and then we look after the rest!

The duration of the picnic is 2 hours in total and we suggest arriving right on time to give us some leighway to leave the location before you arrive. As we do back to back picnics at multiple locations we do need to be firm with the start/finish times if this is the case but are happy to be a bit more flexible if we’re able. However we do find 2 hours is the perfect amount of time for our picnics. We’re also happy to accommodate any special requests or specific types of food or alcohol you would like. We can also do week day proposals for an additional fee of $200 + GST to accommodate the extra time needed for a one off picnic however we can be more flexible in start time and duration during the week.



When you’re ready you can book your proposal online by clicking the button below. Select your date & time and then secure your booking by either paying in full or putting down a $100 + GST deposit with payment plan options available at no extra cost. We can take bookings as late as the Wednesday prior however if you want to book closer than that please call us ASAP as we may struggle to squeeze you in last minute.


We then keep in regular communication with you in the lead up to your proposal. We help you through the entire process and make it a simple stress-free experience. All you need to do is select your food, figure out the directions and come up with an excuse for your partner on why you’re taking them out into the bush! We’re also available to answer any queries you may have and assist however needed.


It’s as simple as that! Just get yourself to our location and pop the question! We’ll take care of the rest and would love to help you with your special day.


Proposal Picnic

$1000 + GST
  • Capture the moment with our hidden professional photographer
  • Minimum 15 images including 5 images delivered typically before the end of your picnic
  • Exclusive proposal picnic spot including advance directions to visit the location prior
  • VIP 1 on 1 service to ensure the perfect proposal
  • Gourmet Grazing Platter and choice of 2 complimentary beverages
  • Hire & Setup of Picnic Equipment
Book your proposal


To secure your booking, all we need is a $100 + GST deposit. We offer custom payment plans at no extra cost. Once we receive your deposit we will be in touch to organise the best arrangements with you and just need you to have paid in full prior to the picnic. If you prefer, you can still pay upfront to save the extra mucking around with a payment plan but it makes no difference from our end so please do whatever is best for you.


We typically only hold picnics on weekends as we run back to back picnics with 2 locations running at once. This allows us to spread the workload out across picnics including the time needed to prepare, make food, travel, setup and pack up. We occasionally run week day picnics if a client has their heart set on that certain day for say a proposal, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion. A week day picnic is a full day of work for us so we charge an additional $200 + GST for a week day picnic to cover the additional time involved. Please get in touch if you would like a week day picnic and we'll do our best to accommodate you.


We hold all of our elopements and proposals at our stunning Wentworth Falls Picnic Spot which cannot be booked for regular picnics. We have scoured the entire Blue Mountains and found the best spot for these memorable moments. The location looks out into the stunning Jamison Valley with a view of the famous 3 Sisters however the best part is our location can’t be found on Google with it being rare to see anyone else at the spot.



IMPORTANT NOTE: We don't publicly advertise our exact locations so we can continue to keep them a secret. For this reason we typically provide our clients with the directions the day prior to the picnic and ask that you do not share the exact location! However for each proposal we will provide the advance directions as promised so you can visit the location prior to the day.



  • Phone call with your photographer in the week leading up to your proposal
  • Photoshoot at the picnic including capturing the moment before staging photos such as close ups of the ring
  • Minimum 5 photos delivered as quickly as possible within 2 hours of the picnic
  • Minimum 15 high resolution images delivered within 48 hours but likely faster
  • Professional editing on all images
  • Full private ownership with no branding or watermarks
Picnic food and beverages


Our delicious food and beverages will have your mouth watering regardless of your tastes or dietary requirements. Our Gourmet Picnic menu is fully customisable so you can design your own picnic. We cater for allergies, vegans, celiacs and all other dietary requirements. It is quick and easy to select your choices via our website which means it is no big deal if you do have specific requirements!

We focus on offering a lot of diversity with the finest ingredients. Were a registered food business meaning we prepare, store and transport our food in accordance with all food handling guidelines. We have also put a lot of thought into the logistics of serving this food at our picnic locations and ensure the food is as refrigerated and fresh as possible. Each Gourmet Picnic includes the following

  • 2 choices of cheese, dips or antipasto
  • 2 choices of crackers
  • Seasonal fruit
  • 1 choice of nuts or dried fruit
  • 1 choice of chocolate
  • 2 choices of complimentary beer, wine or non-alcoholic beverages

In our standard elopement package we provide one platter and 2 beverage choices as per a normal picnic however we can add platters, beverages and glassware as needed. We will advise what we suggest based on your number of guests and work things out with you closer to your picnic.

View menu
Picnic food and beverages
Picnic equipment


Let’s face it, people rarely go on picnics as while everyone loves them no one loves buying the food, transporting everything, setting up and then having to clean and sort everything out the next day because you’re too exhausted to do it after the picnic!

Included as part of every picnic is the hire of our picnic equipment including transport, setup, pack up and cleaning. Our picnic setting consists of

  • 2 rugs to replace a traditional picnic blanket
  • Lots of cushions so you’re super comfy
  • Decor including flowers, lantern and more.
  • Picnic basket, blankets, games, sunscreen, insect repellant and a first aid kit
  • Bluetooth speaker so you can play your favourite music (or podcast!)
  • Table to place drinks
  • Ice bucket and glassware


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